​————— Rug Cleaning ​Fountain, CO —————

​Are you looking for exceptional rug cleaning in ​Fountain, CO? Then call us​ for incredible rug cleaning company. Our business utilizes both dry cleaning and steam cleaning to match rugs made from all kinds of material, all at remarkable costs. For those consumers that do not choose house cleaning, we provide to clean their rugs from our workstations. Rug ​Cleaning ​​​Fountain services cover the list below kinds of rugs:

  • Acrylic rugs
  • Machine-made rugs
  • Traditional hand-knit rugs

​You can trust our competence to offer the very best quality services as we have actually handled rugs stemming from Eastern Europe, Persian rugs, South American rugs, Azerbaijan rugs, and Asian rugs. Having actually handled such a large variety of rug types, our company believe we have requisite experience to clean your rug. To get more info on how to get our expert cleaning company, please continue reading.

​Expert ​​​​Fountain Rug Cleaners

​You need to comprehend that reliable rug cleaning is just attainable if the rug cleaner comprehends what technique will work best. Our group of rug cleaners will evaluate your rug product to identify what technique to utilize. We get rid of discolorations varying from moderate spots to extremely active discolorations on your rug, offering your rug as shimmering appearance. In addition, we make sure that clients get the very best services at cost-friendly rates. If a customer is not pleased by our services- which is difficult, we provide them with a re-clean of their rug up until they are pleased.

​Why choose us?

  • ​Local expert technicians
  • ​Powerful hot water extractors and vacuum cleaners
  • ​Eco-friendly detergents and stain removal solutions
  • ​7 day service in convenient for you date and time
  • ​Competitive pricing

How do we clean rugs?

​As soon as you have actually bought for our services, we send out a cleaning professional to use our services. Our rug cleaning expert will then: Check your rug for discolorations and other dirt which might need unique attention. Our professional will likewise carry out a bleeding color test, and inspect the product for damages such as cuts. Depending upon what product your rug is made from, the professional will likewise perform a fiber recognition test to determine what methods, temperature levels, and cleaning representatives are proper for usage. Findings made by the cleaner will figure out the cleaning strategy to be utilized. We utilize the following methods:

  • Foam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Coldwater extraction cleaning
  • Deep steam cleaning

Dry cleaning

​It is important to explain that practically all rugs can be cleaned up with dry cleaning. Nevertheless, some materials just get cleaned up by dry cleaning method. They consist of; silk variations, rugs made from, seagrass, coir, jute, and other fiber from some plants. When cleaning rugs constructed of any of the products pointed out, it is recommended not to utilize any cleaning substance or liquid. Any type of liquid will be taken in by the rug, triggering it to break. Our specialist will let you comprehend how you ought to take care of your dry-clean-only rug so that you do not ruin it with liquids. It is very important to explain that dry cleaning can not be utilized to get rid of discolorations from a material; it is just implied to get rid of dirt and other loose particles. Our cleaner will alert you of the exact same, and if you are all right with the technique, our rug cleaning professional will then utilize a cleaning powder which enters into the rug fibers and soaks up dirt, germs and other irritants that might be discovered on the fiber. Cautious hoovering of the rug is then performed to get rid of the powder and other dirt residues from the rug.

————— Specialist foam cleaning —————

​It is very important to keep in mind that some rug materials are rather fragile and need some unique attention when cleaning. These are rugs constructed out of the following materials; velour, viscose, fabric, and silk. Any use of liquids will harm these materials, which's why we utilize foam cleaning on them. Foam cleaning includes making use of unique chemicals that become foam when used to materials. The formed foam then draws out the dirt and other compounds like germs from the rug. Nevertheless, it is very important to comprehend that Foam cleaning is fairly brand-new in the rug cleaning market and takes in a lot more time to accomplish wanted outcomes. Cautious evaluation of the material is likewise necessary prior to the foam is utilized which's why we constantly request images of your rug so that our group can evaluate if it is possible to clean up the rug utilizing foam cleaning prior to you order for the service.

Woolsafe-approved / cold water extraction cleaning

Certain rug types can be cleaned by either using dry cleaning or cold-water extraction. They include those made out of wool, linen, or a blend of the two. Cold-water cleaning is preferred because it offers stain removal, unlike dry cleaning.

The water used in this type of cleaning should be at 30 degrees Celsius, and we also make sure that we Woolsafe-approved rug cleaning chemicals. The chemical is then mixed with the water in a sanction pump which then sprays the mixture into the fibers of your rug. The machine’s vacuum then pulls out the liquid from the rug along with the removed dirt, stains, and bacteria.

It is important to point out that not all bacteria and allergens can be cleaned with water at 30 degrees Celsius. However, a higher temperature cannot be used because it will destroy the quality of the fabric. This therefore makes this cleaning method only suitable for killing some bacteria but not all.

Other important factors to consider when cleaning woolen rugs is that wool attracts moths which cause physical damage to the rug which needs repair.  You should make our specialist aware of such spots on the rug if any.​

Hot water / deep steam cleaning

Hot water cleaning is the most effective rug cleaning method there is currently. Hot boiling water is mixed with cleaning chemicals to remove dirt, stains, bacteria, and allergens from your rug. The steam emitted by the cleaning machine improves the efficiency of this cleaning method. Hot water cleaning is suitable for rugs made out of cotton and synthetic fiber.

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